17 August 2016. Philip Gordon speaks about the importance of Germany and Europe as partners for the US in current global challenges. The former Special Assistant to the president in the National Security Council and White House Coordinator for the Middle East emphasizes the necessity to engage in multilateral dialogue: “The problems we face in the world are hard enough to deal with as it is, they would be even harder if we didn’t really have a sense what other people thought.“


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Introduced: Ekaterina Schulmann

Ekaterina Schulmann is a political scientist specializing in the legislative process in modern Russia, parliamentarism, and decision-making mechanisms in hybrid political regimes.

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"The approach of the Academy is quite original"

At the end of his stay François Heisbourg looked back on his time at the Robert Bosch Academy and lined out the most striking challenges ahead for Europe: “One is internal and that is where to take the European Union from where it is: in a very unhappy,...

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Inequality and the Pandemic

In India, the pandemic has made billionaires even richer, while there is mass death, hunger, and poverty among the lower classes. This is the result of wrong policies. The time is ripe for a new social contract.

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