If you have any questions about the Robert Bosch Academy and its fellows, please contact our press spokesman. On this page you will also find a factsheet and the logo of the Robert Bosch Academy for download.

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Pradnya Bivalkar
Senior Project Manager
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Building Sustainable Peace through Locally-led Peacebuilding

Where ceasefires or peace agreements are brokered top-down, bypassing the local citizenry, they usually fall apart quickly, argues Atje Drexler, Senior Vice President at the Robert Bosch Stiftung and responsible for the peace program.

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"We shouldn’t fight alone" – Iveta Radičová about the European Union

1 September 2015. In her time as Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow, Iveta Radičová is working on a publication about the future of Europe. It will include interviews with several European heads of states. ‘I would like to verify different possible...

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Islands of Vulnerability on the Edge of Town

The pandemic revealed that in many peripheral urban districts, a variety of problems overlap, making them islands of vulnerability. Often, social advancement is only possible by moving away. A research project from three European countries shows...

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