Topics: Peace and Human Rights
International Relations
Regional focus: Russia and Eurasia
Origin: Azerbaijan
Fellowship: Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow

Leila Alieva is an affiliate of Russian and East European Studies at University of Oxford’s School of Global and Area Studies, where she previously was a member of the Senior Common Room of St. Antony’s College. Alieva was the co-founder and director of two independent think tanks in Baku, Azerbaijan, which have had a significant contribution to academic research, democratization and policy ideas in the country. She was also on the board of the Open Society Institute in Baku.

As an expert on the former Soviet Union, European Union and Euro-Atlantic integration, she has been a frequent speaker at international symposia and conferences, including ministerial meetings of the EU and the European Parliament. She has been a consultant and advisor to international organizations, governments and multinational corporations, such as BP and Unocal.

Leila Alieva was awarded research and teaching fellowships at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Woodrow Wilson Centre, National Endowment for Democracy in Washington DC, and NATO Defense College in Rome, among others. Her articles and books on conflicts, security, and democratization in the oil rich states were published Oxford University Press, Sharpe Books, Jane’s Intelligence Review, Journal of Democracy, among others.

Leila Alieva studied Psychology at the Moscow State University where she also received her PhD.

Last updated: 2021