Topics: Social Change
Science and Technology
Regional focus: Global
North America
Origin: United States
Fellowship: Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow

Amy Sample Ward is the CEO of NTEN, a nonprofit creating a world where missions and movements are more successful through the skillful and equitable use of technology. NTEN’s programs serve nonprofit staff in countries worldwide, supporting people from every position and mission in making confident decisions about technology.

Growing up in rural Oregon, Amy was involved with mutual aid and nonprofit organizations from a young age. As a professional, they have worked in direct service, advocacy and public policy, philanthropy, and capacity building, all with a deep focus on how technology can support community engagement, collaboration, and change. Amy is a technologist focused on people, believing that every technology tool we create should be accountable to us and not the other way around.

Amy is a global public speaker, author of three books, and a regular contributor to sector-wide podcasts and publications. Amy's second book, Social Change Anytime Everywhere, was a Terry McAdam Book Award finalist. Their latest book, The Tech That Comes Next, co-authored with Afua Bruce, addresses the opportunities for change makers, technologists, philanthropists, and policymakers to build an equitable world with technology.

Last updated: 2023