Date: Monday, 27 May 2024, 06:00 pm
Location: Robert Bosch Stiftung, Französische Straße 32, 10117 Berlin
Moderated by: Reetta Toivanen, Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow, Robert Bosch Academy
  • Michaela Moua, Anti-Racism Coordinator, EU Commission
  • Mohammed Ali Chahrour, Political Scientist and Consultant, Reachout Berlin
  • Uli Grötsch, Federal Police Commissioner, German Bundestag
  • Daniela Hunold, Professor of Sociology focussing on Empirical Police Research, Berlin School of Economics and Law
  • Joshua Kwesi Aikins, Senior Researcher, Centre for Data-driven Empowerment, Leadership and Advocacy (zedela)


The Academy debate centers on tackling critical issues such as unlawful police profiling, ensuring access to justice for victims, and enhancing transparency in law enforcement practices. The debate convenes police officials, community leaders/NGO representatives, researchers, and advocates to foster constructive dialogue and collaboration. It will commence with a keynote by Michaela Moua, European Commission Coordinator for Anti-Racism, who will address the prevalence of ethnic profiling in Europe and the EU's measures to combat discrimination.

The panel explores strategies to enhance avenues for justice and support for victims of profiling. Additionally, the significance of granting researchers access to investigate racism within law enforcement agencies will be discussed. It would aim to promote accountability and transparency in tandem with addressing the following questions: What measures are necessary to rebuild trust in the law and the police? How can structural changes bolster the effectiveness of the Anti-Discrimination Act?

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