Topics: International Relations
Social Change
Regional focus: Europe
Russia and Eurasia
Origin: Poland
Fellowship: Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow

Sławomir Sierakowski is a Polish sociologist and political commentator. He is the founder and leader of Krytyka Polityczna (Political Critique), an Eastern European movement of liberal intellectuals, artists and activists. He is also the director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw and the president of the Stanislaw Brzozowski Association, overseeing its publishing house and online opinion site as well as the cultural centers in Warsaw, Gdansk, Cieszyn and Kiev.

Sławomir Sierakowski is a contributing opinion writer for The International New York Times, a columnist for Project Syndicate, and regularly publishes articles in the Financial Times and the magazine Die Zeit. Moreover, he has been awarded fellowships from Yale, Princeton, Harvard and twice from the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna.

As a writer and actor, Sławomir Sierakowski collaborated with the Mary Koszmary project (“Nightmares”) in 2008, which was expanded into a film trilogy as well as the “And Europe Will Be Stunned” project by the Israeli-Dutch visual artist Yael Bartana. The work represented Poland in the 2011 Venice Biennale.

Sławomir Sierakowski holds a degree from the University of Warsaw.

Last updated: 2018