Topics: Education
Science and Technology
Regional focus: Global
North America
Origin: United States
Fellowship: Richard von Weizs├Ącker Fellow

Dennis Shirley is Gabelli Faculty Fellow and Professor of Education at the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College. He has conducted research and led professional development workshops for teachers, principals, and affiliated school staff in 30 nations in 6 continents and his work has been translated into many languages.

Dennis works with educators in many countries to help with clarifying their challenges, identifying promising strategies, and implementing and assessing change. His writings have appeared in the Washington Post, the Boston Globe and in many academic journals. In 2021, he co-authored two new books with Andy Hargreaves: the first is entitled Five Paths of Student Engagement: Blazing the Trail to Learning and Success and the second is Well-being School: Three Forces to Uplift Your Students in a Volatile World.

Dennis holds a doctoral degree from Harvard University and he has been a visiting professor at universities in Norway, Singapore, and Spain. In addition to his Richard von Weizs├Ącker Fellowship in Berlin, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing, and Commerce in London.

Last Update: 2022