Topics: Peace and Human Rights
Regional focus: Asia and the Pacific
Origin: United States
Fellowship: Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow

David Bandurski is currently adjunct lecturer and researcher at the Journalism Media Studies Center (JMSC) at the University of Hong Kong. Here, he has led China Media Project's English-language research for more than 12 years. The China Media Project is an independent research program in partnership with the JMSC and one of the world’s leading resources on Chinese media.

As a freelance writer, he has written for many publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Index on Censorship, ChinaFile and the Far Eastern Economic Review. In addition to his writing and research, David Bandurski is a producer of Chinese independent films through his Hong Kong-based production company, Lantern Films.

David Bandurski is a member of the Executive Committee of PEN Hong Kong, a bilingual society of writers promoting freedom of expression in Hong Kong. He received a Human Rights Press Award in 2007 for an investigative piece on China’s use of professional associations to enforce internet censorship guidelines, and was recipient of a Merit Prize in Commentary in 2006.

He has a graduate degree in journalism (MSJ) from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.


Last updated: 2017