Lloyd Axworthy: New Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow

The Robert Bosch Academy is pleased to welcome Lloyd Axworthy as new Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow. The former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs is an expert for Human Rights and Human Security, especially known for his work on banning land mines. During his time in Berlin he will work on a comparison of different approaches concerning the migration and integration policies of Canada and the European countries.

Lloyd Axworthy and Mike van Graan: Robert Bosch Academy welcomes two new Richard von Weizsäcker Fellows

17 August 2016. At the beginning of September, the Robert Bosch Academy welcomes Lloyd Axworthy and Mike van Graan as new Richard von Weizsäcker Fellows in Berlin.

“We have a great stake in Europe“ - Video Clip with Philip Gordon

17 August 2016. Philip Gordon speaks about the importance of Germany and Europe as partners for the US in current global challenges. The former Special Assistant to the president in the National Security Council and White House Coordinator for the Middle East emphasizes the necessity to engage in multilateral dialogue: “The problems we face in the world are hard enough to deal with as it is, they would be even harder if we didn’t really have a sense what other people thought.“

Lunch Talk @Academy with James Kondo

20 July 2016. During the Lunch Talk on 14 July 2016, Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow and former Vice-President of Twitter James Kondo and Kenneth Cukier, Senior Editor of Digital Products of the Economist, discussed advances in data science and Artificial Intelligence as well as their potential to tackle global challenges.

The Robert Bosch Academy is looking for a new Working Student (m/f)

29 June 2016. The Robert Bosch Academy is looking for a new working student (m/ f) to support its team. Interested students can apply via the online application form of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.
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