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Dennis Shirley

Dennis Shirley is Professor of Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College in the United States. He is Editor-in-Chief of “The Journal of Educational Change”. In addition to his position at Boston College, he is an Honorary Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong in China and a Visiting Professor at the University of Stavanger in Norway. He holds a doctorate of Education from Harvard University.

Shirley is a popular presenter who has conducted research and professional development workshops for educators from 26 nations across six continents. His work has been translated into many languages. His most recent book is entitled “The New Imperatives of Educational Change: Achievement with Integrity”. Together with Elizabeth MacDonald, he co-authored “The Mindful Teacher”, his best-selling classic.

Shirley recently has begun a new research project with an international team on the future of education and work at the Human-Technology Frontier. He will be working on this project at the Robert Bosch Academy.

Education, Science and Technology
Regional focus:
United States
Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow