Fellow Community

The community of Fellows is defined by interdisciplinary and multilateral exchanges, which continue beyond their respective residencies and often result in cooperation and joint projects.

The Robert Bosch Academy offers its resident Fellows a wide-ranging community program. The so-called Kiezdinner invites the Fellows to visit the different city districts of Berlin and share their impressions while dining together. For the German Lunches the Robert Bosch Academy invites representatives of various German institutions to meet with the Fellows and discuss a wide range of issues over lunch. During weekly Academy Lunches, the Fellows discuss current news or events andthe afternoon Tea Times provide an opportunity for the Fellows to present the subject of their Fellowships for peer review and reflection. Furthermore, regular study trips take place to different regions of Germany, focusing on their historical, cultural, political and economic specificities.

The annual Richard von Weizsäcker Forum was established to bring together former, current and future Fellows. As part of the Forum, Fellows are invited to attend a study tour on a topic of current social and political interest in Germany.