Richard von Weizsäcker Fellowship

The Richard von Weizsäcker Fellowship was established in honor of the former Federal President, who served for many years on the Board of Trustees of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The Fellowship offers leading decision-makers and intellectuals from over the world a residency of several months in Berlin.

Fellowships at the Robert Bosch Academy provide Fellows with the intellectual and physical space to pursue individual research and outreach activities on the challenges of the 21st century. To foster dialogue with the public, the Robert Bosch Academy organizes numerous activities tailored to the background and interests of the respective Fellow.

By engaging with the Fellows, German experts and decision makers gain new perspectives on major social and political issues; in turn, Fellows expand their networks and enrich their expertise with insights into German and European policy debates and decision-making processes.

The Fellows come from a wide array of backgrounds, yet they are united in their desire to learn more about Berlin and Germany during their stay at the Robert Bosch Academy. The Academy offers its Fellows a comprehensive program with insights into German history, politics, economy and society, creating a close international Community of Fellows.

Please visit our Fellow Database to get to know the Richard von Weizsäcker Fellows to date.