"Kumekucha - It’s a new dawn" – Trauma healing program by Tecla Wanjala

The Kenyan town of Malindi on the Indian Ocean is a so called “beach lover’s dream”, but appearances are deceiving: the touristic façade hides numerous problems. It is a region that is severely affected by historical injustices, land issues, drug abuse, child rape and violent extremism. Due to the multitude of problems, almost the entire community is affected by traumatization. But the Kumekucha program, an initiative of the Green String Network (GSN), gives hope to the community. Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow Tecla Wanjala is the Director of the program.

“Kumekucha is translated as a new dawn and in all traditions, dawn brings new hope”, Tecla Wanjala says convincingly. The program tries to create change coming from within the communities. It therefore aims at promoting social healing, reconciliation and building resiliency starting at the grassroots level, with the hope that it trickles up to the national level across all the diverse Kenyan cultural landscapes. Starting from that, the participants of Kumekucha learn how to control anger and to forgive, enabling them to better understand others and to comprehend that people’s behavior is shaped by their past experience. The overall objective of the program is to create a new hopeful future for the next generation.

Tecla Wanjala underlines the importance of trauma healing not only within the Kumekucha program: “I see the future of trauma healing as a cross cutting subject in all the sectors in our country.”

You will find out more about the Kumekucha program in the following video.