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Welcome to Wrocław – Academy on Tour with Rafał Dutkiewicz

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From July 25 to July 26, Richard von Weizsäcker Fellows visited the Lower-Silesian capital Wrocław on invitation by current fellow Rafał Dutkiewicz. As the former mayor of the city, he provided the other fellows with unique insights into the rich history of the city as well as its current day economic, political and cultural life.

Part of the German Reich until the end of the Second World War, Wrocław (or Breslau as it was then called) is today the fourth-largest city in Poland and known among others for its universities and high economic performance. It was the European Capital of Culture in 2016 and (co-)hosted the 2012 UEFA Euro Football Championship. During their stay in Wrocław, the fellows had the opportunity to meet with local experts as well as visit a number of places of interest, such as Wrocław University, the Old Town, Cathedral Island and the Centennial Hall.

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